Philosophy and Investment Approach


We believe that trust is the paramount quality of a meaningful and long lasting relationship so we take the time to know our clients well. We are interested in building a long-term relationship and we are committed to helping our clients improve their long-term financial success. We believe that educating clients enables them to make informed decisions thus we acknowledge the importance of sponsoring educational and engaging events and the periodic use of social media to highlight current topics. We also understand the need for convenience in our day and age and we invest in today’s technology to help us better serve our clients. 

A Simple Investment Approach

1. A Disciplined Approach and A Long-Term Investment Viewpoint
We apply a long-term approach when we make decisions because we believe that a long-term investment viewpoint is necessary to better benefit from overall market fluctuations. Through a sell discipline approach we try to take much of the emotion out of the investing process therefore refraining from short term trading, the latest hot stock or hot industry group. No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.

2. Proper Asset Allocation From The Get Go
We believe that a sound wealth management strategy must start with a correct asset allocation from day one. Determining your risk tolerance in our initial meetings is very important to establish the best allocation model for your objectives. Along with the proper allocation, our portfolios must be well-diversified among broad investment types and offer an optimal mix to help each client work toward their investment objectives. Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market.

3. Smart Diversification
While diversification does not guarantee protection from a loss, we believe that it can substantially reduce risk. That is why we design and manage individual wealth management strategies that are well diversified across asset classes. Within each asset class, we diversify across a broad range of countries, currencies, industries, companies and credit ratings. Lastly, we combine managers with different investment approaches because we believe they can generate more consistent returns than a single manager approach.

4. Sensible Selection of Manager
Once an asset allocation is created, the next step is to choose securities. At Brandywine Wealth Management LLC, we emphasize the chioce of managers when we choose investments. Manager selection includes the experience and tenure of the manager and consistency of performance relative to appropriate benchmark indices over 3, 5, and 10 year periods. The approach and structure of a management team, along with its performance, are also reviewed according to risk adjusted basis as opposed to categories or peers.

5. Tax Awareness
We are experienced in mitigating the tax consequences of wealth management. Therefore, we carefully manage cash flows and strategy changes within our portfolios to avoid unnecessary tax and costs. We exercise care in the appropriate placement of investments within taxable and tax-deferred accounts and continually monitor and review portfolios for tax opportunities. Ultimately, we let the investments drive the decisions but we like to always be tax aware.