Retirement Services

Focusing On The Needs of Older Adults

Family and friends, good health and quality care, financial security and personal independence are all part of the formula that adds to one’s overall well-being.

  • Do you think the best gift you can give your family is NOT to become a burden?
  • Do you have a plan that will enable you to stay in control as long as possible?
  • Can you keep your current lifestyle and not risk or spend down your saving?

These are all areas where Brandywine Wealth Management, LLC can help, and provide you with the support and services you need. We have helped retired and soon to retire clients establish financial plans, update those plans and monitor their progress.

Through planning, we have helped our clients obtain a better understanding of their options, establish realistic goals and avoid surprises. A sound financial plan allows them to retain control through difficult life transitions. It helps give them the confidence they need to continue on course.

Transition to Retirement Living

Many of our clients are people in transition. Whether you have already decided or are considering a transition to retirement living, Brandywine Wealth Management, LLC is here to help you prepare.

We specialize in the analysis of the many financial options offered by retirement communities. We help older adults make the tough choices associated with transition and help them understand what they can afford.

We have focused on building strong working relationships with Retirement Communities in the Delaware Valley for more than 20 years. We take time to learn the special services and amenities they offer and to understand the various financial arrangements they make available to prospective residents.

When our clients inquire about retirement living alternatives, we are able to guide them to the appropriate direction. When they have financial concerns, we can help provide the confidence they need to make the important decision.

Wealth Transfer

We know our client want to decide who will benefit from their estate and we work with them to find tax-efficient ways to transfer their wealth. AT Brandywine Wealth Management, LLC, we help work toward minimizing taxes and maximizing the transfer of wealth to heirs. Our years of planning experience, our knowledge of investments, insurance, and tax laws all get applied for the benefit of clients and their loved ones.

After determining the likely consequences of your current situation and your wealth transfer goals, we work with your attorneys to facilitate the careful implementation of the agreed upon solutions.

Insurance Services

Insurance planning and insurance products can be important when trying to minimize risk, transfer wealth, or provide for quality long-term care. Brandywine Wealth Management, LLC can help you put in place strategies tailored to your specific needs.

We can review your financial exposure to various life events, including death, disability, and inability to care for yourself to determine whether your current resources and insurance coverage are adequate to handle these risks and, if not, compare and recommend other options, including retirement communities and/or additional insurance when needed.