Account View

Simple Navigation and Easy Access to your Portfolio

Account View offers simple navigation through accounts, positions, transactions and statements. You can view the asset allocation, value over a set period of time, balances and margin details of one or all of your accounts. The last two years of transactions are viewable and can be downloaded. And you can also view your statements, tax documents and trade confirmations.

Getting Started

If you are accessing Account View for the first time, you have the ability to quickly and easily create your Account View profile online: Start by accessing Account View with login button above

  1. Select Sign Up for Account View from your desktop computer
  2. Validate your information by entering your Social Security or Tax ID Number, any one of your account numbers, as well as your zip or postal code
  3. Select Continue
  4. Enter your name and email address
  5. For security purposes, enter the characters you see in the picture displayed
  6. Select a username (or choose to use your email address as your User Name) and test the user nameís availability
  7. In the Manage Accounts section, review current accounts displayed and provide a nickname for each of your accounts
  8. To add additional accounts, select Add Account, enter the account number, postal/zip code and account nickname
  9. Select Continue
  10. Verify your information
  11. Select Create Profile
  12. An email from will be sent to you with instructions on how to complete the email verification process

For more information on managing you profile, please click here.

Do You Want to Reduce the Amount of Mail You Receive?

Account View offers you the option to participate in the eco-conscious effort of turning off your paper statements and trade confirmations. In addition to the environmental benefits of going paperless, you can organize and simplify your life by eliminating clutter and unnecessary mail and rest easy knowing that your information can be found securely in Account View.


How do I reset my password?
From the Account View login screen select Forgot Password? Enter your username and select Continue. An email will be sent to your email address on file, from, with instructions on how to complete the password reset process.

Iíve locked myself out of Account View. What should I do?
To unlock your account without changing your password, contact our office. Otherwise, follow the password reset instructions above.

How do I add another email address to receive notifications pertaining to my statements?
From the Go Paperless screen, select the dropdown arrow located to the right of the statement you would like to edit the recipients on. Select Add Recipient, enter the email address you would like to add and select OK. Please note: recipients will receive notifications informing them that a new statement is ready to be viewed, but you must access Account View to view the actual statement.

The system says an email was sent to me, but I havenít received the email. What should I do?
Check your spam and junk folders to ensure the emails are not there. Add to your contact list or address book to ensure receipt of all emails going forward.

What versions of Quicken does the system support?
Compatible with all versions of Quicken since 2011.

How much information will Quicken download?
Your first download will default to inception to date. Subsequent downloads will allow you to change the date range.